Mhari's passion is in visual editing, and photojournalism. She is currently based in Washington, D.C. and works as a contract photo editor with AARP. 

She has a  BA in Photojournalism and a specialized minor in Digital Advertising.

Mhari has worked with a wide range of publications including newspapers, digital media, radio, and most recently with social media and magazines. Her background as a photojournalist has created a strong foundation for her editing career. She looks for small intimate moments, that convey a universal connection.

She survives off two cups of coffee a day, loves watching history documentaries, and her guilty pleasure is booking a ghost tour anytime she visits a new city.

Glad you are here, I am available for freelance!

Phone: 502-641-3615

Email: mharilshaw@gmail.com

Photo by: Harrison Hill


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